UX Design

Creating a new way to sell wine


First-of-it's-kind tool for wineries to legally sell online

MarketPlace was a new product providing tools to multiple personas throughout the order lifecycle. Online advertisers, wine suppliers and fulfillment houses all use MarketPlace to complete a sale for the highest quality of service. We provided each of these personas their own tools, to address the unique sets of user stories and challenges.

  • Create a new product - with nothing like it from which to learn
  • Launch in under 6 weeks - to meet a tight deadline
  • Provide several sets of tools - to address different personas

Project Highlights

Simple, flexible tools for wineries
Wineries needed powerful yet simple tools to explore new advertisers and customize product offerings at a granular level. The winery dashboard provides necessary flexibility yet makes it easy to specify products to be sold. We also display analytics that can help drive strategic direction.

Tremendous advertiser adoption
While wineries needed tools to take action on their own products, advertisers needed tools to qualify wineries and discover new products. We created a new account type for advertisers that caters to their specific needs, and includes profiles of interested wineries. By making this process more transparent our advertiser participation has exponentially grown.

Visbility for fulfillment houses
Fulfillment houses are most concerned about quality of service, so we provided them tools to track orders and proactively address issues within the fulfillment lifecycle. Additionally, information they add about fulfillment is shared with advertisers and wineries to promote communication with everyone involved in an order.

A UI that grows with the product
Because MarketPlace was the first-of-it's-kind, the product has morphed significantly from it's initial release. We were able to foresee potential growth and built flexibility into the user experience so that growth means small tweaks, not total UX revamps.


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