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Project management made simple


A new set of tools to help compliance teams prioritize their monthly tasks

The workflow feature is a set of interfaces that allow compliance teams to set up their tax returns and process, then automatically creates and assigns tasks every month. The workflow interface is the cornerstone to this feature. By focusing on tasks, assignees and due dates, users have all the details necessary to manage their daily activities, while teams can see the big picture and remain aligned.

  • Make setup easy - no onboarding necessary
  • Build for small groups but flexible enough for enterprise organizations

Project Highlights

Easy and forgiving setup
I accelerated setup with predefined settings and defaults to empower new users to gain value from teh tools as quickly as possible. However, most compliance teams have very specific internal processes which require granular control over settings. This is made simple by adding contextual customization where appropriate.

Flexible for power users
While we design for our most common customer, a medium-sized compliance team, we must also address the needs of our enterprise clients. Enterprise teams have complex organizational structure and larger work volume; filters are much more important to reduce the noise. We built flexible filters and bulk actions that are useful to any size team, including the ability to ‘follow’ tax returns in order to filter to only returns that your team manages.

Powerful yet simplified logic
The original concept was very complex and over-engineered. Too many hidden rules. Too many if-then statements. Working with the product manager, I simplified what was displayed to the user and how the user interacted with the cards. For example, each task has a deadline, so that a manager can track the monthly progress and feel confident that all returns will be submitted on time. But rather than display the 2 different deadlines, I used status indicators.


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